Triberr invites available!

Boost your blog traffic using Triberr

Triberr invites available!

Does your blog have low traffic but great content?

Do you want to boost the number of visitors you receive into the tens or even hundreds of thousands?

Then you need Triberr.

What is Triberr?

Triberr is an invite-only community of bloggers that allows you to form ‘tribes’.

These tribes are focussed groups of writers who all blog about the same subject.

What makes Triberr so appealing is the way it fetches your latest blog posts and automatically re-tweets it from everyone within your tribe (known as ‘tribesmen’, naturally) to their followers.

That’s the potential for massive exposure of your content, especially if the people in your tribe have thousands of followers each!

And imagine if those thousands of people retweet again!

That’s a huge amount of traffic!

No wonder invites are in high demand.

How do I get an invite?

Triberr is very exclusive, with current members being responsible for the quality of the members they recruit, and for good reason.

Because tribe members will be re-tweeting content to their followers, tribe leaders must ensure that content is related to their niche and is something their followers are going to want to read.

If not, they could lose followers, which affects the whole tribe.

But you’re in luck! I’m building my own graphic design tribe of blogging creatives (with a reach of over 32,000 Twitter followers) and have a limited number of invites to give out.

Who I’m looking for

Ideally you will be regularly posting content related to the field of  graphic design. This can be about your life as a designer, opinions on the field, case studies of your projects, looks at trends, history, advice, resources, anecdotes, inspiration, etc, etc.

Twitter follower count isn’t a huge priority. I will accept people with a low number of followers so long as your blog content is of a decent quality.

How to apply

Simply leave me a comment on this post with a brief description of yourself, your blog and a link to your Twitter account, follow me on Twitter, and I’ll get back to you.

6 Replies

  • Hi Paul, here’s the stripped-down bio for the benefit of your readers!

    My name is Andrew Kelsall BA (Hons), a Graphic Designer who works for secular and Christian-based projects mainly in the UK, America and Australia. I predominantly design logos, CD sleeves and posters, as well as unique large format projects. I operate worldwide from my home studio, based near Leeds, England.

    My Blog.

  • Hi Paul,

    When we envisioned Triberr back in April we were hoping people would create their tribes just like you did.

    You clearly get what Triberr is about, and having a small, exclusive, high quality tribe is def the way to go.

    If there is any way I can help, lemme know.

    Founder of Triberr

    • Thanks for your support Dino. Obviously with your fellow tribe members sharing your content and the content of other it’s important to ensure that whoever you recruit is going to bring something new and relevant to the tribe whilst also having an audience that will want to read what you’re saying. Personally I think Triberr is a great idea, and one that (like most bloggers) I wish I’d thought of!

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